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An Inconsequential Death

Not autobiographical God swept me off my feet When He captured me I was not expecting that In Plaistow Lane, Bromley On a mundane autumn Tuesday As I walked to apologise To half-baked Jesus Freaks For mocking them on Monday When they sang at me And told me ‘Jesus loves you’ And I had to be a baby to get to heaven. The electric cleansing fountain Of love thrilling through me From the infinity beyond ...
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The Red Rose.

I originally wrote this piece in 2013,when my wife started showing memory loss to remind her of the past.I have edited it and added the last five verses ...
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Thoughts in the greenroom

One could sense the heat in your eyes, on your face though you leave a mild trace perhaps your victory is in your defeat? Then why do the thoughts travel in silence, for ages freeze in your minds, mountains and icebergs never come out not even as mud, rivulets on the waiting page; who has fastened your mouth covered your visage what fear do you have feelings bickering inside burning in the kitchens failing on ...
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The Kiss

He was young, inexperienced and he wanted to be urbane like his Dad and then, this girl teaches him how to kiss like a man ...
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Your last days.

I wrote these words on Easter Monday evening while caring for my wife in Hospital ...
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Scarlett in Paris

She's a small town girl who saves up for a holiday in Paris on her 35th birthday. Romance has passed her by until she comes to the City of Love. Will it stay this time? ...
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The Illusion Of Preserving Time

or the cuckoos have landed! A tongue-in-cheek report on my mental state ...
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Mr Domiciliary Heliosphere.

This poem may not be easy to understand - but the clues are there.  Written in the form of a ‘Euphonic-Rayenella’ Rhyming pattern abcdb. Five stanzas of five lines. No constraint on syllable or line length. But must describe an action ...
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Memento Mori

All about my first love - one never forgets - the three here form a set I perform .  🙂 Southport Days With Shirley We were teenage innocents Holding hands in a shelter Huddling against winter winds Watching for her last bus, The 21:05 - route 347 - To turn from Lord Street, On to Marine Drive And swallow Shirley away To Rufford, nr. Ormskirk, Lancashire. Wanting it to come soon… Yet… yet… yet… not ...
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Becoming Glass

A fascination of mine ...
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The Act Of Love Circles that flash with pleasures of fire, Fire that shoots to bowels and brain; Circles of soft and slippery pleasure, Circles that fill and circles that drain. Circles touching with sinewy softness, Softness as hard as ramrod or stake; Circles that sweep to planet'ry heavens, Circles to dream as if never to wake. Circles as smooth to the touch as fine silk; Silk velvet soft as the slimmest of sheaths; Circles ...
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The immutability of beauty

to my love _________________________ Whatever once you had is always there, good looks pass only superficially but in the soul remain forever if but once they were acquired; beauty passes only visibly but spiritually can not fade. You are still young if you were young but once, that youth will never leave you although you will change with time but only vainly and externally. Your inside which creates your life is your true eternity to ...
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Poetic Forms

Now, before you all switch off and move on, please take time to read my introduction and understand that not only are poetic 'forms' meant to be fun and not a chore, but anyone can write them, (with sometimes interesting results) ...
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You’ve come for me again; a riddled tongue promising denouement to malaise. Are such covenants elixir or placebo to disease? Yours is a stoic seduction. With each new day you disappear it loiters longer in your wake. Emancipated from reason I might once have followed and escaped the banality of this game, though I found you more alluring when you danced upon a grave, a crooked finger and a whispered name. Whatever oaths you’ve made ...
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The Hindu’s Lament

The mourning cries of an Indian for his wife ...
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The Dark Gatherer

I first posted this in 2006, and wanted to repost (it's one of my favourites) and say a huge thanks to UKAuthors, as seeing my work on the screen here and receiving comments and criticism has helped my writing no end.  (homage to Carol Ann Duffy’s polar opposite) When you were small, your pudgy hands moulded plasticine into sin, an indication of                            a growing hate which darkened like a purple bruise in your gaze ...
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