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The Artless Bodger’s Attempt at an Art Poétique

A regular offering of mine on the nature of "good" poetry. It's actually my first piece of writing from 47 years ago when I contemplated trying to write poetry ...
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The smartest man in America, Elon Musk, is seriously worried about Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking over and, if it feels the need, ridding the world of us. I started this last week, after meeting a wasp on my orange juice. This is all so far, but I have a vague idea where it's going. Short story or a novella. Could be fun. My wife hates it but she didn't know what AI was and didn't care. What ...
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King Of France

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The Steak Pie Repeateth

Remember my travails with a steak pie?  Well, there's more ...
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Father to Father

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Long-Lost reality

High in a tower, high in the hot African sun, two little translators have had enough as the scourge of self-assessment lurks after the Government had curtailed the requisite service to keep all State Departments globally communicative - reviewing dribs and drabs of the little documents they had the exquisite privilege to translate, lost in a sea of Blind towering buildings in Pretoria, anachronism in the blinding African sun; reality is shaking and the earth ...
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Moonlight Fair:

A memorable family holiday: Bright coloured lights, twinkling in the moonlight. Loud, energetic music blared out into the night. Smells of fast food pervades, intensifying my hungry plight. I make bee line to the hot dog seller, and appease my appetite. Taking in the atmosphere, of the fair's thrills and spills. Observing young and old alike, enjoying life; fulfils. Watching the crowds of people as they mill; Around, some choosing to take a ride that ...
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The Worldwide Child:

Technology in it's infancy: The worldwide child blinks. This child will never learn. And demonstrates worldwide links; The child is taught every subject that can earn. Worldwide child splutters it's anger and violence. Demonstrating sensationalism. What a clever child; as askance I glance. Out pours the child's realism. How the clever child entertains us all. And masterminds, forecasts and projections. Worldwide child portrays it all, without forestall. As millions daily decide for the child, it's ...
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Passing by:

Looking at my life am I passing my life away or is my life passing me by? Is life passing me by? This is when I look toward the sky. Throughout my life mental ill - health has been a problem. A problem shared is a problem halved they say. Come along to Mental Health Matters well being club;said interested friends. That was four years ago; what a life - line they are, such a ...
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Winter Of Content (poetry challenge)

The title is a play on the famous opening words from Shakespeare's Richard III: Now is the winter of our discontent... But this is not a parody. That would be a different kind of poem...   memories - our house, high on a wooded hillside photo credit: honorable youngest son with his first camera. Assistant, the esteemed Teddy Softest snowfall of the season: first blanket cover for bare tree limbs, first deep white heaps against ...
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Mental Sojourn:

How true it is that a physical wound heals faster than an injured mind. Recently broke my wrist it took six weeks to heal. My mental ill-health continues to drain my health, you'll find. Masking moments of dispare and confusion. Why was I born so afflicted? Some answer amidst all the confusion depicted. How creative my mind can be and so devastating; Destructively, crushing and destroying thoughts at will. Trashing ideas:so harmful, some are like ...
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If only I could fly

Dreaming is Ok ...
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Showing Me

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And So, Lizzie

“Don’t, say you love me, this is just a passing fling. No use pretending we are in some fairytale, we’re not, and never will be.” We had days of fun. Nights of lusty romping, all overshadowed by a former lover rooted firmly in my memory. Liz wanted to ask if my, “Darling, I love you,” sighs were meant for her or maybe the other one. There was nothing I could say. I had no answers ...
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For Harvey. Finally found I could write something following the loss of my adored Spaniel three weeks ago, so I wrote for this for him ...
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The Failing of Summer and the Coming of Fall I barely hear them hearken as the gulls continue to call. Days filled with gold and blue wane now the familiar begins to fade. Rustic cut outs litter the vast grey with the beckoning of fall. Held fast as these boughs sway I stand unafraid. Tumultuous joy enriched by your laughter rippling my soul. Held in thrall as your eyes echo the dance to the melody ...
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