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At Dawn Came Love (Part V)

Marriages for such beauty wrapped in wealth is determined by men. Speaking to a male outside her family required permit from dame or sire. Her friends are her sisters. Brothers are hastily dispatched to unisex schools to keep the separation secure. Coming of age holidays become showcase moments for the coming -out parade to join society, an advertisement of a lady dressed in taffeta and lace and the societal fashion gloves nearly to the shoulder ...
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The highlight of love

The summit moment of my love was my life's shortest moment but enough still for a lifetime and enough rich for eternity; so how could I forget it ever? Let me stay there deep inside you hidden in the richness of your hair that never was more long and beautiful in sumptuous generosity and varmest colour never to get out of you but dwell forever as your guest at your perpetual party never tiring, constantly ...
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Go Tell the Spartans, Stranger passing by…

The result of a visit to Verdun and the Ossuary with the bones of 140,000 men.   The title is from an inscription in stone at Thermopylae.  'Go Tell the Spartans, Stranger passing by.   That here, obedient to their laws, we lie.' ...
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Goodbye Cruel World

My sister is a nurse who cares for dementia patients. I was inspired to write this after listening to her telling me how cruel dementia is,and how it changes a person etc. But what is also scary is she says younger people are suffering with it too and a few are only in their fifties. She says it is a blessing when someone passes away as they are in such a bad way it is ...
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The Exile

You are lucky to be constantly refused, not having to take part in the establishment, the mob that's only good for beating down each talent that is something extra, sticking out as something not quite ordinary. Better, then, to be completely powerless and innocent and pure without a name, or have a name but only 'writ in water' known but to the ocean of eternity as only one of all the passing water drops, where ...
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The Bench

The Bench He was sitting on his bench overlooking the harbour, well…not his really, but it had the best view. It was his morning ritual, weather permitting; he always brought a little something for the birds. Over the years others had sat on this seat, never for long. Eventually it had become accepted. The name on the Bench long forgotten. He watched her walking up the path towards him out of the corner of his ...
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Other Lives, Other Worlds

Something we should all keep in our bottom drawer in case we ever need it ...
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Priory Cottage Night.

A perfect country evening ...
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A British Prime Minister is actually known to have said this (the last line) on his death-bed to his doctor. Drifting like a zombie everything amiss coughing like a horse economy in constant crisis hanging over you like doom and frozen shoulders, SMS-thumbs, mouse arm, eyesight fading, with a broken back and swollen feet and constant head-aches, like as if someone nailed your head with spikes in constant drumming, appetite gone missing, all food nauseating, ...
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The Long Trek ( Part three}

At last ,in spite of our apprehension, there was a glimmer of  hope. Now for the grim reality of treatment. Apart from six sessions of chemotherapy ,one every three weeks, there were numerous other procedures like scans, x-rays,bone biopsies, lumbar punctures,injections at the hospital and at home to boost my immune system,some of them not very pleasant. Thanks to the kindness,and good care ,and sense of humour by the staff of the department,and the friendship ...
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The only time that lasts is outside time

a philosophical truism The only truthfulness is timelessness, the only zone of durability is out of here, the only perfect love is without time, and there is no reliability but in that 'nowhere' outside time, in the transcendency of temporariness, in all that is not touched by the mortality of mundaneness. Then there is nothing, you would say. No, you are wrong. The 'now' is all deceit and foolery, the whims of fashion are the ...
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Down the drain

John Keats, for example There are certain lovers who just can't get through but keep adoring in their bitterness whom they could never reach and who kept constantly betraying them, while he, the miserable lover, just kept on his faithfulness in bitter spiritual sado-masochism as if to wallow in self-torture of the most alarming, unendurable accelerating kind. Of course it must end badly, and eventually his love will peter out and disappear like all filth ...
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Old Men Dancing

A fairly recent pome ...
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No excuse for love

That I love you, I can not deny, but I’m afraid my love’s too great for me assuming some demonic overbearingness out of proportion with reality, transcending into alien dimensions which can never be acceptable to mortals. It’s not darkness but a kind of power, it’s not evil or possessive but the more satanic in its nature of obsessiveness and irrevocability, like you can never spite your destiny but only follow it wherever it will ...
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Return of the Living Dad

Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) Dad's not dead, even though we buried him. He was just a phone call way. Now all I need is a shovel and something to feed him - he's hungry ...
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A hundred peacock eyes watched as Brenda In a fire-red and antique-gold taffeta skirt Broke cover from the wallflower ranks. Skipping from the girls’ side of the Palais to the boys’. We stood, a straggle of Burton’s dummies, Swaying like laundry on a summer breeze line In a cloud of testosterone,  Old Spice, Brylcreem, and Mum roll-on. Camels and Marlboros,  Bought to make us look cool,  Were crushed underfoot or Docked behind ears for later ...
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My life has been a constant fight against adversity, which always loomed and towered higher, harder and more merciless and threatening for every victory I gained, however small, while the adversities were always overwhelming. I could never be afraid of darkness, death or any demon, while what always struck me down was cruel injustice, which was always stupidly unreasonable and inhuman. Trample me and strike me down, humiliate, maltreat and violate me at your pleasure, ...
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Nosey by nurture

Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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The gathering storm

Let it sweep us with it up along the drifting clouds in furious chase of the infinity of glorious flight to nowhere except neverneverland and beyond. We don't even have to fasten seat-belts, hurricanes and storms will pay our tickets to the moon and planets and beyond and let us comfortably sit upon the wings of fortune, dreamland and angelic music, making us untouchable to mortal petty things, while elves and angels are our only ...
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Moving On

Applied psychological homeopathy i.e. taking a depressed person through a renaissance cemetery in Rome; a tirade ...
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