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The customers

Customers who are not what they appear to be ... (first published on my blog in 2014) ...
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Driving Rain

Forcefully the rain is driven. Icy and relentless, I feel rain upon my face. Home and warmth has bidden. As the icy deluge causes me pain, I increase my pace. Can hardly see as the down pour floods my eyes. The suction of my wet clothes, as saturated they cling to me and the puddles. My boots leak, letting in the rain water; "good Winter boots", Oh!what lies! No cover in sight; I must look ...
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Tears Sea

You have a desire to swim in ‘Tears Sea’, Which is the deepest realm with one rare key Through my heart and your normal love to me. Your aspiration, I shall, denying uncertainty, praise, And take role to raise love’s brightest blaze; Where darkness and insecure silence creep, Acquainted with agony and heart everlasting sleep. There, near death tranquility, you may swim bare, Full of life as a red loving rose with no shame In ...
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Autumn Stand’s Sullen

Dawn rose late and dusk fell early ...
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Just a Breeze

Be grateful for small mercies ...
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A Place Where The Teepees Stood

A Native American Tale ...
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Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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In Catalonia

This is one of 3 or 4  that I wrote for a remembrance of the Spanish Civil War - and Hull lads' participation in it -   last year - especially pertinent these days ...
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jasmine flower

My love is like a jasmine flower, Dancing in darkness and light Shaking the fragrance of passion. In company, with summer She fondles sweet dreams Collecting them roses, Giving them butterfly kisses My love sleeps in a magical bed, Woven by blue sky, Adorned with moons and stars, And colors of hot rumor, All hugs her every night, Collecting her dreams’ smiles, And desire, And plant them in my heart, Roses of chastity, Taking me ...
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Nuclear Winter (Poetry Challenge)

A haiku-like verbless poem for the poetry challenge ...
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Where has everybody gone?

This was an entry I found for a long ago prose challenge.... I think it's worth another airing.  Where has Everybody Gone? Challenge (Prose workshop) The Garden Winter It has been a long time since the warmth of the sun showed itself here. A pale, cold orb hangs in the sky now, but it is not the sun I know and love so well, a sun that dapples the trees, blinds the eyes and warms ...
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From my book - a rare piece of didacticism - tanka format, ...
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This has happened once or twice recently ...
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The movement of butterflies in flight: Daintily flying high and gliding low. Fluttering petal soft wings. The butterflies alight upon a bough; Here to rest a while before taking to wings. There are now a host of such creatures. Entangled and chasing intricate patterns in the air. Flowers being the hunts main feature. A sudden breeze hastens the butterflies dispersal. Toward heaven they take flight and fright. Butterflies sail and soar by, in refuge, communal ...
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Broken Kids

   It seems these days are getting shorter and our nights are growing longer We are lost in a world that we never asked for And  were never told about We are all just a bunch of broken kids Tired from the nights sadness and these terrors Practicing pouting and posing on social media At imaginary friends with imaginary lives Sharing our secrets that we have no one else to tell Popularity with just a ...
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This is my current entry for Lancashire magazine's short story comp. The word limit is 1200. Theme is Murder, it must include references to Lancashire locations and history. Last time I got second prize. (£50 M&S voucher and a year's subscription) J K Rowling it ain't but it's a start. 🙂 Every morning around three a.m. Mrs Paisley from next door screeched for her damned cat at the top of her voice. The neighbours all ...
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Challenge Poem Verbless winter: Brute

The empty field, a yellow stain, a sharp-edged stone in the corpse of moon. A knife of snarl, a gasp: a yield, the blue of bruise from a winter brute ...
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