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Death and Aunt Maude.

Comments are welcome on this post, but I am asking for no crit please. There is no poetic perfection here and this poem could be pulled to pieces by you pedants. “At the door of the cottage a vision so fair, Stood a naked lady with long flowing hair.” ...
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The Teacher

When we were small we played together, and since then our lives have grown with memories that ever grew more sweet the longer that we kept our love prevailing, growing and expanding; like a flower that would never wither but uniquely only just continue growing larger and more beautiful and splendid in ever increasing sumptuousness of colours, better even than the Phoenix, who gets burned sometimes to get renewed; but our love caught never fire ...
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The Colonel’s Trousers

A little more rambling from my disreputable past.  The picture was taken by our Flight Engineer.  I am in the right hand seat.  We were en route to bombing Milton Keynes ...
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On the Road to Damascus

Inspired by a comment on my Easter submission ...
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An oldie ...
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Chasing Lions

Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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I love her

I love her,  Even with excessive make up, She loves dyeing her face and hair, She adores me too, but  She frequently forgets my name, Even it is always the same, While In every colour,    I constantly identify her, Whatsoever, Her face and hair Do violently change, Identical rage, The very attractive cage;  Only once I thought, She was my coffee In the golden cup ...
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Pricking the Black

Catwalk flaunts- so heroin chic with swollen knuckles and shark grins these unwomen. Those unwomen hide damp needles (slightly soiled) in dark places. They lie in silence pricking the black an addict's sad collection. Cold unwomen buried by furtive glances. They glow- to warm their chill and the music moans (tell her I'll be waiting in the usual place). Brazen-bold unwomen predators in heels lipstick red, take to bed-unwomen pin with a look, fish on ...
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Incurably invulnerable

Since I loved you and gave you my first love there has never been another, honestly, since you alone was ever faithful at least in spirit, no matter who they were and what they were, how many and how dubious, all the others, all those false alternatives, all those who thought it opportune to love you less than I. My love never changed and never lost in spirit, never grew in age but only in ...
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The Circus is Coming to Town

Election fever. From June ...
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Lonely Tomorrows

An older piece, inspired by a fiddle tune ...
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If I were a Carpenter

A billet is a piece of wood ready for working on ...
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Ramblings from my time in the  RAF  ...
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The hippie trail

tracing the past forever... When the hippies started moving in the 60s, revolutionizing all the world with love and beauty, music and perception it was thought to be all new, but it was only a renewal. The idea is easily traced back, and first among the hippies is considered the Norwegian Heyerdahl, who later crossed all seas on rafts to prove how ancient civilizations linked together. He wrote 'Fatuhiva', the true story of his hippie ...
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Of Cats and Bags

Sometimes the simplest of things let the cat out of the bag ...
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Intro: an old one ...
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Bullshitting trumps and bushes

Written during a bushy regime we never thought could get worse... Forget about those bossy bully states of bushisms spewing turd all round the world with governing establishments for queer justification – they never led us all through history except astray today in worse predicaments than ever, while they joke about it and pretend the situation is not real, while they know better, since they are accountable for all that mess that leaves humanity in ...
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The Stifling Past

gradually took away all that was unique and brave in her; experimental, doodling with word and form ...
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A rhythmic poem, tres dramatique!  ...
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