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Genesis of a Disposition

primal behaviours imprint the strongest tendencies; not biographical ...
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Springtime Samba

An old one revised, written in huitain form ...
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At the Start of the Day

The teacher entertaining his pupils as well as unsuspecting others ...
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Wailing For Her Demon Lover

      It was a miracle of rare device, A sunny pleasure dome with caves of ice!             Samuel Taylor Coleridge Woman wailing for her demon lover, Not less than this the enterprise Every poet tries to ring from a holy instrument, Her body lowered from her stricken mind; The hailstorm of media’s ceaseless electronic bling Flashes in the rising notes,        Selfie’s drama of streaming fate, And on her dulcimer she plays Such a ...
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Of Monasteries, Moths, and Monoliths

sectioned to the NHS Bombyx Service Home and hospice Trust visits discouraged ...
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Steak Pie

In which I muse about the link between Steak Pie and the longing for a golden past ...
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Caleta de Famara

The Famara cliffs look like a sleeping mare with a wispy, cloudy mane Or like two dragons side-by-side as siblings. The noon sun strokes the scene with lightening greens, the ragged shadow atop. The lime-painted white village is modern by comparison. Surfers from around the planet flock to this beach and sometimes they roar within the crest of a wave - drowned out by the Atlantic.     ...
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Mother’s Day

As we approach that day again, this is an alternative view ...
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The Old Sea Dog

A poor doggie's tail ...
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Hippie love

We used to love one another, and it was never wrong, no matter how much we shared our love with others and never kept it for ourselves. Our love was never a deceit, the less so the more it encompassed others, and sleeping together was never love enough. We needed more than that and therefore always gave more than that sharing our love universally with whomever. How can love then be confined within the restrictions ...
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No Blandish for Miss Orchids.

A Blandish was recently put up for sale on E/Bay. Offers rose in just 30 minutes to over four thousand pounds before E/Bay were forced to withdraw it from sale. The Blandish is not legal in the U/K at the present time. However it is thought that this decision is currently under discussion.  ...
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The innocents

We just refused to be part of it, the generation of the world wars, those who fought them enthusiastically, those who defended the bombs of terror balance, those who thought Hiroshima and Nagasaki were justified, those who liked the Nazis until they fell and then the communists until they fell, those who adopted materialism and sold their lives to the slavery of Mammon and raised rigid families adapting squarely to lives of stale cubicularism in ...
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Old Age

Being a cat-lover I wrote this little piece some years ago about one of our lovely felines now long gone. I hope it will amuse someone ...
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A Recipe For Disaster

A dish best served cold ...
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Cavea del Oceano

Had a sunny retreat recently to kick-start my writing again. All comments/suggestions welcome, e.g. how to get the 'accent' over the 'e' in Cesar.  :^) Thanks x ...
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Dealers of Karma

the philosophical introduction of a poem. highly advisable that you do not expect excellent writing in English. it's "other" not literary at all. too. i think. feel free to comment. if you have read and reread Valis watched A Scanner Darkly/Dark City/Inception/The 13th Floor you're more than welcome ...
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The Trophy Wall

250-words story ...
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Forgotten Coats.

A swell of voice in trebled song rides high across the vale where joyous face of vibrant eye shall shake apart her frills: nature yawns the year awake and from her cup of spring she tips, a gilding on the day. Discarded coats now lay forlorn; like long forgotten memories across the path of youth ...
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Alessandro Stradella

1645-82, discovered in Rome by the Swedish exiled Queen Christina, who established his fame as musician and composer. It's not easy to be over-talented, especially not as a musician, which Stradella was, the handsome Alessandro, who had lovers everywhere and never got enough of them. The only problem was, they oftentimes were married, and their husbands didn't like him to hang on their wives, so they with some good reason tried to kill him, just ...
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Damp Squib

A 250-words story written in 2004 ...
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