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The cozy homeliness of home where all things work and all is of your own, where you are out of strife and quarrel and still free at large to do whatever, even working late at nights and without limits, is in all the world the best that you shall ever have, more worth than gold and all the worldly riches, where you cultivate your own and have your creativity and can bring out all your ...
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Hope Springs Eternal

into the silent pool of contentment ...
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Winchester Park.

I wrote this little tale in 2013 during a time when a development had been agreed,and the developers where erecting signs to direct their contractors. Iit is purely fiction,but could easily have happened ...
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Simply a short summer poem ...
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My True Poem

Poetry means many different things to many people. This is what poetry is from my own personal perspective, your's may be different. Plenty room for all. 😉 ...
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Do not fear the terror of the darkness of your mind, which only is the abyss of your soul, unfathomable, bottomless and infinite, which is your only contact with eternity, the basis of your whole existence and the very essence of your life, the source of all its energy and meaning. That horrific darkness is no joke and nothing to escape from or evade, but actually the source of all your potency for love, creation ...
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The passion of my love keeps burning but without consuming neither mine own energy nor thy exceeding beauty, which keeps constantly improving, like the incorruptibility of the perpetual expansion of our love, which, although so exhausting, miraculously keeps on growing in vitality and energy and force, like as if physical confinement, like invalidation, limitation and imprisonment served only to the more enforce the energy, renew it, boost it and enlarge it for the cultivation, practice ...
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Never look back

Some truisms You learn from your experience, but what you learn should only serve your future. Therefore, to look back and linger there will only hold you back and slow you down. There is no greater harm, for instance, to a work of art than overworking it, to go on working on it when it's finished, which will just detract from its completeness. Memories of old are good to dwell on, but they never can ...
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My best friend

I always lived with him and he was always close to me, more close than any man and any friend as I could never willingly get rid of him; and as he always stayed in close relationship I found that he was actually my best friend although only something of an abstract dream, a phantom and abstraction, an idea of darkness always faithfully reminding me of facts of life, my destination and my fate to ...
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Turning Point.

It's a bit previous but our weather lately brought this to mind ...
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Ursa Tertius

   It was United Earth Ship, Fallen Asteroid's first jump home from Ursa-T. Prophetic tours inside prediction zones had warned against sending a Catarian to a null-inertia system, but earth needed the fuel and Asteroid was the only ship able to safely accomplish the distance or on-load and transport the tonnage. Post orbital aspect achieved, replacement parts and personnel were the first order of business.                      ...
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One foot in the grave

You never can be disconnected from reality as long as you remain alive, which you will even do as dead, but you will not be certain of it until you are dead. How is it to be half alive and half stuck on the other side? Of course, your life is part a dreamworld as you walk half sleeping among ghosts, but that will only sharpen your awareness by its insight into more than three ...
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The more maturity advances, the less matters age, and years grow insignificant as timelessness takes over and your youth becomes perpetual in mind as childish sensitivity grows more acute and you feel as if you had been alive forever and can't stop living for that reason constantly renewing all your love as those you love increase in number with your social life's perpetual expansion. What has age to do with that? Nothing at all. So ...
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Demonic love

They say you can’t be lovers being stuck together in the clinch of a relationship and at the same time be good friends, that friendship starts as obligations end and sexual struggle is disposed of. I disbelieve it. Friendship makes the sexual relationship endure, while it can not endure without friendship. That’s the basis on which all relationships are built, and they should all be lasting whether sexual or not. Let tempests hammer down your ...
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The Bleakness of the Lost Identity

the problem of being ashamed of the human race How is it possible to live aware that you as human being are one of that kind that utterly has devastated the whole planet, killing more than half of all the planet's life and being most of all a predator and monster killer of his own kind? We learn that we should never have exceeded half a billion members not to threaten life stability on earth, ...
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Something for the Weekend

From a market in the Var ...
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At Dawn Came Love (Part V)

Marriages for such beauty wrapped in wealth is determined by men. Speaking to a male outside her family required permit from dame or sire. Her friends are her sisters. Brothers are hastily dispatched to unisex schools to keep the separation secure. Coming of age holidays become showcase moments for the coming -out parade to join society, an advertisement of a lady dressed in taffeta and lace and the societal fashion gloves nearly to the shoulder ...
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The highlight of love

The summit moment of my love was my life's shortest moment but enough still for a lifetime and enough rich for eternity; so how could I forget it ever? Let me stay there deep inside you hidden in the richness of your hair that never was more long and beautiful in sumptuous generosity and varmest colour never to get out of you but dwell forever as your guest at your perpetual party never tiring, constantly ...
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Go Tell the Spartans, Stranger passing by…

The result of a visit to Verdun and the Ossuary with the bones of 140,000 men.   The title is from an inscription in stone at Thermopylae.  'Go Tell the Spartans, Stranger passing by.   That here, obedient to their laws, we lie.' ...
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Goodbye Cruel World

My sister is a nurse who cares for dementia patients. I was inspired to write this after listening to her telling me how cruel dementia is,and how it changes a person etc. But what is also scary is she says younger people are suffering with it too and a few are only in their fifties. She says it is a blessing when someone passes away as they are in such a bad way it is ...
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