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These are four poems written during the last days of my dear wife.I wrote them whilst being with her until the end, caring for her in hospital 24 hours a day, thanks to the compassion of the medical and nursing staff.I felt privileged to be with Edna.The last poem was written after her cremation ...
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Let us walk

Let us walk. The moon is the sun’s mind in perpetual separation causing death, destruction is one interpretation; the moon is the sun’s presence in inseparable union of light breeding life is another; In this world, there’d be rambling of words, thoughts, the sun and the moon have merged as one, the mind of the players here with me readers who’d pass by the text also audience separate as parts but in unison like companion ...
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Puppets around me rest inside, as words heavy, call me names I brood I blame I throw them away cannot forget, they come back again stand on my way pretending to empower without them I cower their company I regret I become their puppet. One fine day, a puppet goes away I look at the mirror there’s no trace of horror! I bring all the rest, one by one very slowly I set them free ...
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Poem Bee

An old huitain, revised ...
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The terrible case of Laila Roth

My own documentary She never showed her face, insisting on her anonymity and privacy to better cultivate her concentration on her thoughts on writing and communication and collecting art to share just for the sake of taste and beauty. This was taken as a provocation and misunderstood completely, so she was repeatedly reported, blocked, had her account disabled and suspended and was finally locked out; and all her protests against violation of her freedom of ...
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Mozart’s clever wife

He was hopeless, never could keep anything in order, lost his income on the pools and always ill since childhood, when his father drove him on too hard. He loved her elder sister, who refused him for his wantonness, and so he married little sister Constance, who would compensate her lack of beauty, which had been her sister's, with considerable skill and sensibility. When Mozart died too young and deep in debt, most of his ...
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The visitors

What do they want? I don't know, she just asked if they could come round. I said yes, of course, now go and put a shirt on ...
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Some take grasses, some drugs some drink and smoke some rage holy wars kill, slaughter, butcher and choke some desert their families some earn blind fortunes others knock at places of worship ...taming monkeys beyond our wits. If only we stay where we are we could see without going far the high we need is much within the circus will end, the show will begin the light that's closest in the way will cease to ...
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UKAUTHORS sound files

Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) Hi , I've been sending folks to listen to my audios from UKAUTHORS . Are they going to be posted here ? Thanx Rodel ...
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Dark Dreamer.

Just jotting a few lines down and I arrived here ...
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Bullshit and Brains

Based on a true happening. During my Army days I had many friends in low places. Bombardier 'Greasy' Grice was but one of them. Names have been altered to protect the innocent and guilty alike ...
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Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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The Last Tiger

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Untitled Senryu

Something to think about ...
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Without roots

When you are born you are supposed to be well planted in good ground for growth and germinativeness, but if you are exiled or evacuated and your roots are brutally chopped off you find yourself a flying leaf with no refuge but heaven, and you have to deal yourself with homelessness and no one to be able to rely on or confide in, and you dare not risk your trust again once you have been ...
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Can emptiness be filled with anything? It must. A vacuum sucks, and black holes are attractive; but can sorrows, that are abstract, fill a concrete emptiness? Let's stick to philosophic symbolism, which only can make all things possible. Indeed can sorrows be so great so as to fill a universal emptiness, since there are no greater human feelings than the sentiments of grief and sorrow. So indeed can sorrow fill up anything and even the ...
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Our divorces

We were constantly divorced not by ourselves but by our circumstances, you being forced abroad by sudden family upheaval, me reduced to poverty for decades exiled into underground existence until you returned, beset by men who I refused to challenge, rather making friends with all of them for your sake, since you loved them. You felt guilty for their sake and thought I must disdain you, while I only was withheld by other problems, poverty, ...
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