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Sparse Proof of a Kind of Knowing

After many, many years, I chanced to meet my first love who had gone on to far greater things than I, and told her I have often wandered down that beautiful lane where we wandered as teenage lovers, and her reply was such a moving revelation: "So have I" she said. The strange thing is, I had a feeling she had ...
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The sacred nature of beauty

Whatever form it takes, you always recognize its nature by its character of positive inspiring attraction, whether in the balance of esthetic architecture, by the life a work of art is given by its artist or the natural sometimes provoking nature of its charm; but no one can deny it, least of all if it is found offensive, which is the mistake that human weakness often is reacted to by the simplicity of nudity. The ...
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Vivaldi and his ladies

Antonio Vivaldi, 1678-1741, perhaps the greatest Italian (Venetian) baroque music master. He was a priest and never left his first vocation, although he was forced by illness out of service. In his later years, the priests complained and wondered why he never more said mass. He hadn't then for half his life. He wrote that famous pitiful reply, that illness of the lungs in all his life had made it hard for him to say ...
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Brexit and Circuses

It's a bit experimental, this one ...
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The Psychic

Still unconvinced.  A bit ...
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The Clam before the Storm plus

Two for the price of one....  ...
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Dante’s Gate. (none fiction)

The following poem has purposely no specific form. It is not an easy or comfortable read. It is what it is ...
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Let me remain within you in a love embrace that never ends to give us life and let us stay alive in this our love of sweetest wonders beyond dreams and all reality in reigns of our common soul to drown the world in love and life to teach the universe how all this wonder works, the issue of the sharing of true love that made the first of paradises which we never really lost ...
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I hear you

I hear you, At times of silence, Whispering in my world And echoes murmur Deep in my chest Before they rest. Evidence, Of your presence Strums my vocal cords Sweet words, A heritage Of our love age And nothing more Than your shadow At the door, Dancing, Singing, A song we loved, Sang, dreamed and slept. Now alone to be left, You are dead, I didn't expect, Had it happened? Before we kissed, Had I ...
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Union is at ease. Inclusiveness is in the air Here, all is one with the Supreme Being Without judgement Light showers Tension ceases. You wander on the ground, looking up You feel light, ready to take off. Anger leaves the premises Smilingly, willingly With other unnatural beliefs. Surface from deep within, Happiness, peace, power Love, purity Knowingness, bliss Original beliefs emerge. In a moment of consciousness You experience fullness and begin to express in wonder ...
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Losing sketch of days and nights

Days lose in days, nights, in nights travelling all around for ages silent and sound. I can see them moving Yet, more voiceless than my feeling heartbeats. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, with my mind I’m standing beside seashore. Its vastness on one hand, my being, like a speck of dust, on the other. The sky is there, as it were. Occasional clouds and waves roar liquid fragrance and the sound beckons me, ...
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April Day.

It was a beautiful warm dawn, promising a lovely day ...
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To The Innermost Edge

Bones II ...
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Clothes Sense

This is long. But I promise you it will entertain and amuse you all the way through. Try it.  I had the shock of my life when I found out my Wardrobe had been two-timing me! ...
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A Latin Metaphor

Not entirely sure where this came from ...
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Utter Carnage

This is a re-write of a story I wrote a couple of years ago. For god's sake don't comment on this piece, you might "Offend" some poor sensitive soul. 😉 When planning their terrorist attack they applied meticulous attention to every detail.  ...
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Death and Aunt Maude.

Comments are welcome on this post, but I am asking for no crit please. There is no poetic perfection here and this poem could be pulled to pieces by you pedants. “At the door of the cottage a vision so fair, Stood a naked lady with long flowing hair.” ...
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The Teacher

When we were small we played together, and since then our lives have grown with memories that ever grew more sweet the longer that we kept our love prevailing, growing and expanding; like a flower that would never wither but uniquely only just continue growing larger and more beautiful and splendid in ever increasing sumptuousness of colours, better even than the Phoenix, who gets burned sometimes to get renewed; but our love caught never fire ...
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