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Not everyone can have relationships without getting hurt and violated beyond recognition. There are some who simply are too sensitive to be able to endure the friction of a close relationship, and some will easily get damaged and destroyed for life by disappointment and betrayal, violation and impalement, and although you can survive it, you will never be the same again but will have company forever by a second personality, a shadow of repressed volcanic ...
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The Genesis of Universal Madness

When primitive Man left the way, the light, and the truth, and invented religion to help mitigate the fear of death and abandonment ...
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Meet the Press

Hitting the jackpot ...
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The unknown poet

on the poet's social position in society - almost a treatise He composes seriously and has something to say, masters all the genres but is constantly refused, year in and year out, work after work of whatever kind, decade after decade by any publisher, who always only uses empty formulas to turn him down without comment, without encouragement, without acknowledgement, without any personal word or even any confirmation, that his work has been read at ...
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The Mind-Snatcher

lurking in the links of human thinking; about Alzheimer’s ...
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What do you have left when everything is taken from you, when you are raped and violated beyond recognition, when you are cut off from your roots by the brutality and violent barbarity of others, when there’s nothing left of your life’s work but ruins and neglect, repression and forgetfulness; when all your history is but a holocaust, and when there’s nothing left but death, as death seems cheerful in comparison with life? The odd ...
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A Plea To Sanity In Exile

Come back, all is forgiven! Your design needs further amendments! ...
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It will not wither It's not a newspaper Like a novel it's to stay Not disappear in yesterday.   It will not burn It’s not a candle Like the sun it's to flame and remain Light up your dark space again. It will not come and go It’s not a sporadic rainbow Like a canvas with its glow and hues It’s sure to rest inside you. It will not sing only in Noël* It’s not ...
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Two ways of love

Love works not just in two ways but in many ways bilaterally, as you usually are loved as much as you yourself keep burning out of love; but you are seldom loved the same way as you send and spend and feel your own love. How it works between the two of us is just a perfectly original example out of many. Your love is a careful generosity of softest kindness, warm and tender and ...
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A Whole New World

More of my early travels (for those who are interested) ...
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Schumann’s enigmatic tragedy

Robert Schumann (1810-56), the equal and best friend of Felix Mendelssohn and Frédéric Chopin. He was the greatest lover of them all, a generous enthusiast of music, editing the leading music paper of the age and helping colleagues on the way, like Mendelssohn and Joachim, Chopin, Franz Liszt and Wagner, Berlioz and Brahms, his heart being the warmest and most tender, and with the finest wife at that, the lovely pianist-composer Clara Schumann, first his ...
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Chopin’s final engagement

Marie Wodzinska, Chopin's life's one engagement, survived him with 47 years, until 1896. They truly loved each other, and she was his one engagement, Marie Wodzinska, beautiful and noble, but her parents would not let them have each other, they forbade her any intercourse with a musician, and she had to break up the engagement without leaving Chopin hurt and suffering. So she "seemed" to be unfaithful with his double, this most curious poet Slovacki, ...
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Planet of the Bed Bugs

Intro: What if insects that feed on humans couldn't be killed? Egg     “Screw you, Epstein!” Sidney Kitay, M.P.H., yelled at Doctor Ben Epstein, Director of the Hemiptera Vector Disease Program at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. “You know I deserve to have my contribution cited in the Scientific American article!     “You’re not getting your name on my Bed Bug Transmission of Chagas Disease in Honduras paper. Your contribution to the research ...
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At a loss for love

Love is generally in a most disadvantageous situation, looking up from underdog positions most pathetically, longing for what can not ever be accomplished, searching for the most impossible that never can be found and losing all in hazard games of desperation. Thus I keep on looking for and searching, longing for and desperately seeking you but without hope of ever finding any destination. Still, the very aim is good enough, the very honesty in the ...
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Skulduggery (Part 2)

continuing the story of Jack Belthorn in Belfast 1976 ...
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Gold fever and ducking out of responsibility ...
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Beyond forgiveness

There is a limit even to tolerance... There is no worse ordeal, no deeper wound in love, no trial more severe, no rape that could hurt more than infidelity, the sharpest pain of all that fatally endures forever since it pierces, shattering the soul and leaves it like a dirty wasted rag for you to cling to all alone as all that you have left after the final wreck of all your life. The worst ...
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A Tower In Silence

Since I lived in the shadow of Grenfell in the 70s in what is now the 'Latymer Christian Centre'  - I ministered in Grenfell - the tragedy has moved me more than I can adequately express Here's a pome comparing Grenfell with the Parsi towers of silence ...
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The living hell of Alzheimer's for all concerned ...
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