Chester's Climate  

Following Bob Wilson's advice I re-issued my 1985 booklet on Chester's Climate: past and present as an ebook for £1.62 I updated it with more recent data and air pollution discussion. 

I have to laugh at my local paper, which carried a piece about the reissue of my Chester’s Climate book. In the blurb I’d written that the climate caused part of the city walls to tumble. Their headline: “Chester author claims cold caused city walls to fall down.” Haha. Did I have such big sneeze? If they’d read the book they’d have seen it was torrential rain in an 1828 storm that undermined the walls.

It reminds me of when Prof J S Haldane was interviewed in the 40s about what the moon is made of. He said, "No one knows."
"But what is your best guess?"
"There might be silicates on the surface. Not sure."
"What are silicates?"
"Quartz such as used in glass making."

Next day's headline: Scientist says moon is made of broken glass.

Link to that newspaper story:

Sirat will recognise where that photo of me was taken.

I know you'll not be interested in purchasing an ebook on the climate of a city you don't live in but just in case here is the payhip link that gives you more info and link to buy  

Posted : January 5, 2017 10:33 pm

You have to laugh. In 1985 Cheshire Life misquoted me and spelt my name wrong about my Chester's Climate book. I was interviewed last month by them for my updated edition and oh how we laughed about those errors. Today, I see they've got my name wrong in exactly the same way. Good thing we writers have a sense of humour.


Edited: 7 months  ago
Posted : February 22, 2017 12:01 pm

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