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The Docket

A tale about horse racing ...

Dissecting the human brain – (mine).

I have resurrected this, with some alterations. WARNING! Not for those with a weak constitution—surgery involved.  Well–What would you find? ...

The Killing Time [working title]

Intro: This is the beginning of my 1st DS Greaves novel in rough first draft. I've not yet edited it ...

Fortune’s Fool

Another one that had its origins in a prompt from my face-to-face creative writing group. The prompt was 'Luck' ...

Civil Defence

this came from a topic set in my face-to-face writing group. The topic was 'Growing Old' ...

Beamo’s Gold

A futuristic western novella I've been working on. An homage to Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Mackenna's Gold, Tom Sawyer, ...

The Clock.

The Clock is a prelude to a short story from 2004. The full story was published in 2007. This can ...
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What Astronauts Do in Their Spare Time

(A wee flash) Selina Hamilton was a desperate woman. Her red hair clung blackly to her face. The Houston humidity ...

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Not everyone can have relationships without getting hurt and violated beyond recognition. There are some who simply are too sensitive ...
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The unknown poet

on the poet's social position in society - almost a treatise He composes seriously and has something to say, masters ...
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The Mind-Snatcher

lurking in the links of human thinking; about Alzheimer’s ...
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What do you have left when everything is taken from you, when you are raped and violated beyond recognition, when ...
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It will not wither It's not a newspaper Like a novel it's to stay Not disappear in yesterday.   It ...
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Non-Fiction [ more >> ]

the Needy Health Service

The recent announcement  that the logo of the NHS must be moved on all headed papers prompted me to write ...
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Hero Worship

Different generations, different wars, same tragedies ‘Beer Granddad?’ ‘You know I don’t drink Martin, why d'you offer  it me lad?’ ‘Because I'm ...
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Pages of words

My pages are full, full of words, noises, music, pouring forth like a torrent             Like a tornado, gush gush gush! Screaming, ...
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Watching The News

Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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Out Like Flynn

I keep trying not to listen, but it's more exciting than a James Bond novel ...
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“Et camera non mentior.”

I've had flu and all kindsa bad stuff this year - this is a performance piece - very much still ...
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Once Upon a Time

Inspired by an Italian fable. (A repost) ...
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At tale of the Hurdy Gurdy.

A few amusing lines, a sequel to a limerick written some time in the past.I hope Mike Verdi won't mind ...
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She Explained

A young autistic man runs on the pitch during a football match ...
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The Stalker

That which can be frightening in daylight can become utterly terrifying by night  ...
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Two teenagers meet on a lonely beach in the South of France. It is a brief acquaintance but it changes ...
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Written in my very few spare moments. The last one especially for our fellow wordsmith in Berlin ...
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" Imagination is when worlds collide and hide reality " ...
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Religion is like a veil. A veil of ignorance that blinds the masses ...
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Mental health

Recent publicity concerning the stigma attached to mental illness once again raised my heckles.When I started training in Psychiatry in ...
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my sunday bests were ruined

my sunday bests were ruined I was paying off the cabbie when he looked me in the eye I said ...
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Ego Mania

We all have two sides fighting for supremacy one open and light the other subtle and controlling ...
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Do You Really Want To Work Here ?

Been a while since I filled in an application form for a job but this one is not P.C.  ...
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Of love Lost

Short and bitter/sweet ...
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The Colour of Courage

Written for a competition with the theme 'courage' and has to be set in the North West of England with ...
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World’s Best Story (Novel) Competition

World's Best Story contest is open and they are taking submissions. Submit your story for a chance to win a ...
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Voices from the Web Anthology 2016 Kindle Edition NOW AVAILABLE! These stories and poems have been selected by members of ...
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Thusly by Andrea Lowne

Ms Lowne's second collection of poetry is as unconventional as the first. No sestinas, haiku or sonnets here, but a ...
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