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Zeezee Cop

a novel opening ...

A Black Triangular Drama

dark and platonic, but promising; a three-pointer written with conventional audacity! ...

Sweet Dreams

A dream can seem so real :) ...


All my stories lately seem to begin as prompts chosen by my face-to-face creative writing group. The prompt this time was ...
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The Snob – chapter 2

continuing the story of the vendetta between a spirited young woman and an arrogant overprivileged youth ...

The Docket

A tale about horse racing ...

Poetry [ more >> ]


The cozy homeliness of home where all things work and all is of your own, where you are out of ...
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Hope Springs Eternal

into the silent pool of contentment ...
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Simply a short summer poem ...
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My True Poem

Poetry means many different things to many people. This is what poetry is from my own personal perspective, your's may ...
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Do not fear the terror of the darkness of your mind, which only is the abyss of your soul, unfathomable, ...
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The passion of my love keeps burning but without consuming neither mine own energy nor thy exceeding beauty, which keeps ...
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Non-Fiction [ more >> ]

Pissing in the Wind

just another rant...     Pissing in the Wind In that time when thoughts come and go, I dream of ...
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Hours Not To Reason Why

Are you an hour up, or an hour down sort of person? ...
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Can Frogs Sit On Toadstools?

  Only if you do what Mummy says! Established religion underpins psychotic thinking, but, without it the indoctrinated would be ...
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Memories of wartime England. (with pictures)

Originally published on May 6, 2005 in Non-Fiction It is now over seventy years since the end of the war ...
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Steak Pie

In which I muse about the link between Steak Pie and the longing for a golden past ...
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Dealers of Karma

the philosophical introduction of a poem. highly advisable that you do not expect excellent writing in English. it's "other" not ...
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the Needy Health Service

The recent announcement  that the logo of the NHS must be moved on all headed papers prompted me to write ...
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Hero Worship

Different generations, different wars, same tragedies ‘Beer Granddad?’ ‘You know I don’t drink Martin, why d'you offer  it me lad?’ ‘Because I'm ...
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Pages of words

My pages are full, full of words, noises, music, pouring forth like a torrent             Like a tornado, gush gush gush! Screaming, ...
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Watching The News

Intro: up to 50 words (delete this text and enter your own) ...
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Out Like Flynn

I keep trying not to listen, but it's more exciting than a James Bond novel ...
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“Et camera non mentior.”

I've had flu and all kindsa bad stuff this year - this is a performance piece - very much still ...
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Once Upon a Time

Inspired by an Italian fable. (A repost) ...
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At tale of the Hurdy Gurdy.

A few amusing lines, a sequel to a limerick written some time in the past.I hope Mike Verdi won't mind ...
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She Explained

A young autistic man runs on the pitch during a football match ...
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The Stalker

That which can be frightening in daylight can become utterly terrifying by night  ...
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Two teenagers meet on a lonely beach in the South of France. It is a brief acquaintance but it changes ...
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Written in my very few spare moments. The last one especially for our fellow wordsmith in Berlin ...
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" Imagination is when worlds collide and hide reality " ...
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Religion is like a veil. A veil of ignorance that blinds the masses ...
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Mental health

Recent publicity concerning the stigma attached to mental illness once again raised my heckles.When I started training in Psychiatry in ...
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World’s Best Story (Novel) Competition

World's Best Story contest is open and they are taking submissions. Submit your story for a chance to win a ...
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Voices from the Web 2016

Voices from the Web Anthology 2016 Kindle Edition NOW AVAILABLE!

Voices from the Web Anthology 2016 Kindle Edition NOW AVAILABLE! These stories and poems have been selected by members of ...
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Help CrowdFund UKA’s Development

We want to fund a better UKAuthors! UKA has been online for 16 years and now we want to move ...
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Thusly by Andrea Lowne

Ms Lowne's second collection of poetry is as unconventional as the first. No sestinas, haiku or sonnets here, but a ...
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