We All Dream Alone ( The Book)

The cancer diary is now published, this is the link if your interested.



I have so much to be grateful for, I had always thought this would be published posthumously; yet here it is.

Most of you will have read some or all in its draft form, I thank you for all your encouragement and support over the writing time. I hope to move on to a book of my “Normal Writing” as in poetry and prose. I’m told you simply don’t mix the two in a book….but when have I ever given a shit about convention HaHa!

Please don’t worry if you don’t buy a copy, I promise not to haunt you. Although if you do, the proceeds are going towards “crowd funding” my funeral according to my family. I had to change the family car and spent the money allocated ๐Ÿ™‚



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Well I’ll order two copies on Monday (my birthday) Mike, to relish your fine writing and special poetry. What a beautiful cover too, I hope many more who use this site buy some copies too. How are you at the moment? If you’re planning a “normal writing” edition, does that mean things are still stable? Thinking of you and Leslie, and wishing for the best.

Hi Mike, I am delighted that you are still with us, and I hope that you will be for some time yet.It is really good news.I am also pleased that you were able to publish your book and what is more important enjoy looking at your work. Well done.I tried to look at it on the net, but have so far been unsuccessful. Never mind, I shall keep trying. I am continuing with the good fight against you know what.It is difficult at times, but as my family always informs me I am a stubborn old bugger.I never give up… Read more ยป

Well, awaiting my copy as we speak – please don’t haunt me you old bugger!


What a remarkable book – it arrived yesterday and I read it straight through. It was uplifting, inspirational and moving in its brutal honesty; I might admit that some dust got into my eyes as I turned the pages. Powerful writing and poetry which couldn’t have been written by anyone who wasn’t fighting in the front line. No white flags from Mike Verdi.
I’ll patiently wait for the sequel!


Hi Mike,
I am sorry for late action. Family crises as always. I went to the link and could not find it. ๐Ÿ™
It just took me to the Lulu site and a search did not help. I obviously want a book so will keep trying.
I do hope you are keeping confounding the docs.
Love to you both
Alison xxx


Google search this,Alison:
mikeverdi we all dream alone.
Should be the second one down in the results.

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