The Illusion Of Preserving Time

or the cuckoos have landed! A tongue-in-cheek report on my mental state..



With mixed ethnical inheritance
from all corners of Britain, back to, in theory, being
a cousin, fortieth removed from King Harold,
or perhaps Malcom III from Scotland too,
I had a National identity even moderate patriots
would be proud of. I was though, sympathetic
to any influx that enriched diversity, something
which brought with it many good friendships.
Then, about half-way into working life,
I opened my eyes and everywhere I looked
seemed to be crawling with truculent aliens.
So, like Sartre, deciding other people are Hell,
and after the next generation had fledged
towards a cosmopolitan future too,
I decided to find respite
from this slow and uncontrolled dissolution,
by obstinately refusing to accept
more change, within myself at least, and instead,
conserve and enjoy, principles and values passed on
to me by the rich and noble history of my ancestors.
But, reconstituting them into my current life,
was something I paradoxically felt
could only be achieved by reviewing it all
from the outside looking in, i.e. by leaving.
So like so many of the great rebels in history,
I went abroad, to a foreign place of vast emptiness
and low population, offering room to pause and breathe,
and the time needed to consider, filter out, and confirm,
all the experiences that had made me the person I am.
A time of deep introspection.
The years sailed by.
And, of course, essentially recalling what I thought were
enduring British memories, I fooled myself into thinking
the past might still exist,
it felt too good to resist going back to.
But when I returned with renewed hope,
the now idealised world had changed,
to the point of being beyond reassuring recognition.
All I encountered everywhere I went,
confirmed and strengthened deep-rooted,
tribal beliefs that cultural and religious plurality.
its rapid infiltration and low-spread segregation,
area by area, was gradually destroying
pagan Celtic, Gaelic, and Anglo-Saxon life,
to the extent that a person, static so long,
earnestly trying to hold onto the past,
simply cannot fit into this new situation,
at least, from the old indigenous perspective,
without attracting trouble.
My tragedy of a lost identity,
a personal stance passionately lamented about,
was met with derision and mocking laughter,
and accusations of being a racist; mostly though,
by people who had been wise enough,
in assuring their own psychical well-being,
to import their own physical and cultural references,
with them, while rejecting mine.
I suppose I’ll just have to accept, the toleration
of belligerent Taliban trailed by suppressed spook-gangs
outside the mosque that replaced The White Hart,
admit to being unreasonable, and way out of line.
But, to me, it’s a clear case of mismanagement.
I’m finding it so hard to get my head round it all;
are there others of the same mind?
With Britain’s sovereign heart severely weakened
by a treacherous opportunist’s 400 billion pound
promises (incl. nationalisation plans) hung from
a magic money tree, I think I’ll return to peaceful exile,
and await a civilised, if lonely end – unless, Nigel,
can return and draw Excalibur out of the King’s stone
once again….. I think I’m slowly going insane!
Actually, I like Jeremy; his polite honesty,
his common sense values. For me, he’s statesman
material. With him, a fair redistribution of State wealth
is guaranteed. Yes, later. But, why now?
When the UK’s future, the soul of the Nation,
has never been so brittle!
Even aunty Bebe, once so respected, has become
a remoaning, hyping whore! Their continual
attack on Theresa May feeding impressionable reactionists
is character assassination, not democracy. Careerists,
Italian Laura Kuenssberg (Lady “Haw Haw”), Canadian
Emily Maitlis, and the spiteful poof, Ewan Davies,
are the worst offenders. But, even Andrew Neil should
be horse-whipped until he squeals like a stuck pig!
The BBC is fast becoming the enemy of the people;
who will soon stop paying licence fees due to lack
of impartiality!
Laid out this journal piece in narrow blocks simply to ease reading

© Gothicman 2017
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Blimey! (I really will have to stop using that word- I have been reprimanded for using it on here)
Tongue in cheek maybe, but it explained a lot to me 😉 I think many will have the same (TIC) opinions
as yourselve. I anjoyed the read – and could have written a similar piece (but not as well as this)

Hi LT I am with you 100% They can bugger off with their empty ‘racist’ insults. We are losing civilisation at an alarming rate. All engineered of course, to bring in the New World Order. One of a few elites and the rest serfs, robbed of nationality, creativity , freedom or opportunity. Reduced to farm animals, tagged and controlled at every turn. It is a grave prognoses but anyone awake can see the wood / not the trees. There is always hope however. We are going to go through a major cleansing, that is now unavoidable, sadly…but humanity will rise… Read more »
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