The Genesis of Universal Madness

When primitive Man left the way, the light, and the truth,
and invented religion to help mitigate the fear of death and abandonment.



Among huge challenges in ancient times, from about c:a ten thousand years ago, experimenting with colour, texture, taste, and smell, observing consumption and consequences, must have helped primitive Man hunt for and find reliable nutritious food sources, to sustain, and lengthen physical Life.

And doing this, with other pursuits, would have helped curious minds to evolve further, from instinctual sexual and defensive functions, from Limbic to Reptile, on to the expanding Cortex system, as they memorised real interactive experiences, between the inner and external world

Using this now recorded content in the Cortex, risks for survival could be minimised, whereby bad decisions were less likely to be repeated, and by planning cause and effect actions, assessing the consequences before practically applying them, must have brought with it the success and pleasure of accomplishment and the punishment and displeasure of failure, the basic motives for adapting to a complex environment through learning.

But, given their precarious journey through life, how could, or did, primitive Man know that Death, while best avoided at all costs, should really be viewed as Nature’s masterpiece, a ready release from aging, fatal damage, pain, and suffering, like sleep oblivion, a permanent analgesic cure, when body or mind, ceasing to function adequately, could no longer realistically survive?

So, did the pain felt when injured, and the unresponsiveness of dead group members, seeing only inanimate carcasses left, make ancient Man wonder where active and liked persons, even the killed enemy, had gone, did they think a higher power had taken them? Until better language acquisition and much later, more reliable scientific inquiry gave them answers, it’s little wonder the discovery of psychotomimetics, psychotaraxics, and psychedelics drugs that made the mind temporarily immune to pain, that distorted reality out of raw focus, were perceived to be a real find and useful, sometimes necessary, as a popular distraction from a feared truth, a truth that was beyond their power to control.

Explains too, why the psychotic fantasies they elicited, recorded by folk-lore, and passed on in spoken myths, and written down by only those who were literate at the time, studious religious writers, were deemed to be real happenings, and readily believed by the masses!

Also, with all mankind needing a primary, apparently omnipotent parental figure from birth to adolescence in order to survive, it was a very attractive and readily accepted idea to there being a supreme carer and protector existing somewhere throughout life, and even beyond.

But the sad truth is, the visions of those welcomed and recorded as knowing prophets, their mountain-top meetings with supernatural gods who they assumed controlled life and death, may well have been visions while in narcotic episodes;

and Eve’s symbolic green apple that tempted Adam, introducing the world to sin, the harming of others for egoistic aims, this metaphorically use of a common fruit, may well have really been a crimson psychotropic magic mushroom or other root, leaf or opium seed, like red poppies, pummelled and processed into psychoactive alkaloids, commonly used everywhere in spiritual rituals and sacred roles?

So that even Jesus, far from being the supreme creator’s son from Heaven, holder of the key to some empyrean Paradise where, expediently for power and control purposes including using the empty promise of reunification, only worthy dead could gain access, may instead, like all the other gods created, very well have been opportune use of the protagonist of the illusionary dreams of a mentally-disturbed narcomaniac!




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