Professor Plum’s Humble Advice

as a behavioural scientist, not as a politician.
I just wanted this writing out there again.
All schools should be separated from religion.
Children should be banned from attending all religious places of worship
until the age of reason, ideally at age fifteen +.
Children should have the basic human right of not having psychotic phenomena
inculcated into their sensitive developing psyche, only ethical socialisation.
If followed, and with the law enforced, after several generations,
religion will exist only after objective, belief appraisal, and remain re-assessible,
including the ability to reject it as being illogical or unnecessary.
Personal, individual spirituality will not be directly affected


Chuckling to himself,
he had sneaked in early and
hammered a tiny nail,
invisible from afar, into a corner
of the blackboard.
Later, walking in to applause,
he took off his jacket,
chalked up a large hook by the nail,
and hung his jacket on it.
“I always do that to break the ice
and as a lead in for what
I’m about to lecture you on.”
Needing to externalise this
illusionary dissonance,
caused by an apparent act of magic,
the audience roared with laughter
and warmed to him as he began:
“Using rules of language,
logical assumptions of all thought
are automatically tested for validity
by comparing them with Nature’s
sound principles of cause and effect
that are rapidly being internalised,
confirmed, and updated with new
and repeated registrations of external
perceptions throughout life.”
On the way to the auditorium,
the professor had kissed his wife
goodbye by her garden gnomes,
passed Santa’s Grotto in
the High Street, and the Sally Army
playing ‘Onwards Christian Soldiers’
in the Town Square.
“Memory facilitations
of real things and experiences
have a better quality,
deeper grooves if you like
than those memory traces based
solely on phantasy.
This has to be the case,
or we wouldn’t know if something
actually existed or had happened or not.
The reason is that real memories
consist of both internal and external
energies, whereas
phantasy uses only internal
when being facilitated.
Both types can form strings of events,
but the distinction of
which parts belong to which
remains unequivocal.”
He paused for a gulp of water
“To protect us,
cognitive dissonance
creates psychical tension,
primary anxiety,
and occurs,
when fact and fiction
cannot be clearly defined
or comprehended,
forcing us to change our
illogical formulations to
conform with internalised
Memory traces that are
both fictitious and illogical,
i.e. which have no evidential
support in real life to both subject
and predicate, but nevertheless
are denied as being such in the
external world,
are the most damaging
in tensioning the psyche
with free-floating energy
in this way.”
His thoughts wandered.
One garden gnome, driven by wind,
was forced to continually crank
a small windmill round,
crazily fast sometimes,
and last year’s Santa had been jailed
for yo ho hoing inappropriately
to small children sat on his knee.
“Heightened tension in the psyche
usually only occurs naturally in
preparation for sexual activity, or
for fuelling quick defensive
fight, flight, and play dead
responses provoked by perceiving
a love object, or external threat.
Psychical tension caused by
internal logical dissonance, and
not resolvable, is dealt with
by regarding it too as a response
to external threats, its cause
is externalised to make it
Some younger students giggled,
others looked perplexed.
“Apart from suggesting to you,
in view of what I’ve said, that
all war and mass aggression is the result
of global religious psychical dissonance
caused by indoctrinating infant minds
with illogical perpetuated phantasies
before the age of reason, and while
forming that part of basic identity,
that is inaccessible later,
I’ll stop here, as there’s already
quite a lot to grasp. Thank you all
for your attention.”
To jeers and laughter,
and hoots and whistles of derision,
he unhooked his jacket
and left the lecture room
making his escape from the building
through a back door to a waiting
car dressed as the bin man.
Outside prostitutes and pimps hung
on street corners, as girls in burkas
holding D-rings connected to
chunky waists, and desperate men
on revving Lambrettas,
were vying to be the first
to enter Paradise.
And those not affected by war, yet,
didn’t give a toss.
Not an easy task, religion is a primitive mental cancer with
millions of metastases and stem-cells!
There will be a lot of violent resistance from powerful and rich
religious leaders especially, but, all afflicted will oppose change,
which can only occur by palliating its strength and damage over
several generations, with eventual effective eradication.

© Gothicman 2017
critique and comments welcome.

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This is a bold write Goth, I am fairly sure I agree with what you are saying though 😉


As always with these postings Trevor, you offer a lot to dwell on. I can never get it in one HaHa!. The depth of feeling you put into this piece speaks much about you. This, a subject you return to many times, is excellent writing. It isn’t written to please others, simply to offer a view they may need to understand. I hope many read it with this in mind.

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