Hope Springs Eternal

into the silent pool of contentment


“In the middle of the wood
  is an unexpected glade that can only be found
  by the person who’s got lost.”
  (Line, translated from the poem Gläntan,
  by Tomas Tranströmer, 1978)
Though comic-tragic,
it’s always a wondrous journey,
this living a life.
Why then envy the seemingly privileged,
deprived from the start by snag-free paths,
ever trying to obtain contentment,
when only those who’ve suffered the most,
endured the heartbreak of untimely loss,
will get to know:
the salutary value of character,
their kinship worth?

© Gothicman 2017
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Incredibly pertinent to my poem posted today! I resonated with every word.
The old saying springs to mind ” do not ask for an easy life, only for the strength to endure”
There is wealth that cannot be measured by the world’s standards to be found by the soul who endures ☺️
Your poetry always moves me.
HA x


I totally agree with all you say here Trevor, how can we know sheer joy and gratitude if we have never suffered from their loss? It’s coming across the wondrous unexpected view or being given a surprise gift ‘ just because’: their worth cannot be counted in pounds simply because they are beyond price.
Also for me the length of this poem is perfect, if I have to wade through reams of verses to reach the point the writer is trying to make I rarely even begin. Sue. X


Well I’m bound to agree with this one Trevor, wonderful stuff mate. Brings to mind ‘some people are so poor they only have money’ . Sorry not to have been more attentive of late.

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