A Plea To Sanity In Exile

Come back, all is forgiven! Your design needs further amendments!



Dear God,
You must have known Man would one day acquire language as a means of
understanding, planning, and communicating things, that it would be the
basis for thinking, interpersonal discourse, and experimenting with
Nature? Even if only at the time Your son, or any other opportunist prophets,
were, on Earth, and using the full potential of speech?
So why did You not make the selective quality of our judgement mechanisms
more effective, also, increase the enforcing power of primary anxiety to reject
data when confronted with psychotic thinking, so that using the two, we
could have sorted out the logical from the illogical better?
Was it to test our morality when it came to accepting or rejecting the evidence?
With those design improvements, and the amazing ability to imagine things
You gave us, we could still have enjoyed supernatural fantasies in films,
plays, comics, newspapers, magazines, and cheap paperbacks; in politics,
and of course, the Internet, including Wikipedia and YouTube. And with an
effective logical-control mechanism preventing us being distracted by
unprovable, fantasised phenomena, we could have used all our energies to
resolve problems in the real world, where the results could be seen to function
or not to function, perhaps requiring further work. Put another way, as You
have blessed us by endowing Nature with consistent, reliable, and useable
causal laws, allowing full, open investigation, with a much improved psyche,
we could have then used our visionary ability to pursue scientific enquiry
so much better. Oh, and one thing more, could You make natural Death
less fearful, so that everyone accepts it as normal and inevitable without
the greedy need for eternal life?
If You had done a better job of keeping mankind real, the only problem as I see it,
is that we might discover that not only would Your role and further input have
become obsolete and unnecessary, but that, in fact,
You never really existed!
Yours faithfully,
a logical thinker with design improvements.
Religion: primitive Man’s greatest moral guidance,
                civilised Man’s greatest intellectual failure
(My last forum post, in case e-griff censures it, which I don’t think he can do on here)

In view of all that’s been said on this thread (excluding Gee), which I find to be so inconsiderate, so lacking in empathy, when, for no reasonable justification, I lost half my membership record, and had two years of main site contributions all buggered up, I’ve decided not to continue as Gothicman, the designated new member as of 22nd September 2017.

We all know who was responsible for the only insane act that caused this mess up, which deleted all record of the most active member on site (even that record has disappeared), and even if done without justification, and though to extent and damage, done inadvertently, no apology from that person has been forthcoming, which shows the measure of the man, and that he hasn’t learnt a bloody thing from it.

I request all trace of  the messed up me, Gothicman, be removed from the site, as this Gothicman will be no more. I may register some time in the future as a completely new member.
I thank Andrea, but, particularly Richard for all their hard work in trying to salvage something worthwhile from a really hopeless situation, and at least giving me the chance to copy work I had no copies of earlier. I still think directly doing a rollback a couple of days after the damage was known, was the answer. We’ve suffered two rollbacks before, one from hacking, and one from Richard’s modification balls up, and I lost subs and comments with both, no big deal.

I thank also, Alison and Luigi for, at my request, raising questions about my disappearance when I had no site contact, or private emails to any of UK members. I contacted Alison at her own “spiritual” site, and Luigi at ABCTales;
and, of course, Gee and Bel, who brought a bit of common sense and altruistic sanity to the proceedings, both have human qualities that appear to be very rare these days unfortunately!

Again, wishing you all well in your writings and your lives,
Adieux mes amis, and others!


© Gothicman 2017
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through the flaws in cosmos and oneself both natures of living intelligence can question exactly the things you have. the natures of the believer and the unbeliever. if everything was perfectly designed it would be obvious and there would not be free will. especially the nature of the unbeliever would complain and ask, beg even for imperfection, ask from God to hide himself as perfectly as possible. we are all in this situation because of the nature of unbelievers – you made it possible for God to act in the most perfect way in the most perfectly difficult situation so… Read more »

My daughter is an atheist and also a vegan. She believes that she should live a good life, not because she’ll receive blessing in heaven but because it’s the right way to act. All I can see in religion is hypocrisy and division. I’m staggered when people tell me they believe the bible is the “word of God” and that their way is the only true way. I enjoyed the read and the reasoning. Very well expressed.

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