Let Me Take Your Hand

When my daughter was married, she asked me to read some of my work at the ceremony. This was what I read …

Let Me Take Your Hand


Let me take your hand

And it will lie

In mine, beneath a bright new sky

Where we will walk.


Show me your smile,

And it will warm me through

The days that pass

Without you.


Lend me your eyes,

So I too may see

The world through love

When all is sad.


Teach me with your mouth

So I may learn to speak

Words of comfort,

Thoughts of joy.


Give me your heart

And I will treasure and protect it

From harm

All the days of our lives.


© e-griff 2017
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10 Comments on "Let Me Take Your Hand"

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Aww griff has a soft side 🙂 I’m sure this wetted a few eyes, nice one. Keith


I hope she was proud of you, as I’m sure you were of her.


Lovely words perfect for a wedding day. Sue.


Aw! How lovely to see your soft side, John. Beautifully written.

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