A nameless game without rules


Clouds playing in the blue field;
Cirrus! Stratus! Who cares for their names!
They were clouds up there
hanging from everywhere
inviting me into the game.
Are you ready, they asked
Yes, I said and stretched my hands,
closed my eyes
joined them.
I cried, I don’t know the rules
There aren’t any, said the dudes.
I was turning, turning, turning and turning around
until I fell flat on the ground,
they were giggling from up there
to see me spin and fall in panting despair
but I smiled and stood up again
to be in this unseen game.

I saw clouds from my brain
bubbling out
leaving me light and sound
I was maybe playing chain-chain with them
or would be a kind of lock and key?
Hoosh they said, no name, no name.

In the end they showered a huge hug on me
there wasn’t a thing I could see  
I was laughter-covered without words
they spoke in a strange language unheard,
falling waters sounded in ears
I was waiting to hear for years
I asked them about the score
They couldn’t answer,
for they weren’t clouds anymore.
But I know they’ll all come back
On the points, I wondered if I’d need
to keep a track?
Ah, I am again in the same old
name-rule, win-lose trap
I need to be in the innocuous gap

There I am drenched in the endless fun
We must have all lost, must have all won.

© supratik 2017
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