Watching moments

I have a watch.
But I don’t have time.
My tired eyes look around
day and night
One field
Blades of grasses
Ticking moments
I am ripped apart
Two sides
Two points
Two options
Taking away
Taking me away
I don’t have sleep,
But I know how to dream.

© supratik 2017
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Hi Supratik, I liked the way the poem started off with two very revealing lines. There IS a difference between having a watch i.e. being aware of the importance or perhaps passing of time…and making the time to attend to things. Then the poem goes on to suggest a profound weariness…a dichotomy. Indecision causing pain. The last two lines seal the poem well. On the same theme as the first two lines. this time it is sleep that cannot come but the fruits of sleep, the nebulous desire to escape comes over well. There is a plaintiveness that leaves a… Read more »
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