The War-Born Child

abhors the self-deceit of divine power



childhood impressions
defoliate to a Rorschach patch
clouding a declining mind.
Each night before sleeping,
he creeps along basement walls,
slowly unravelling transient passages.
While deep memory remains mute,
significant people, the subjective heart,
never cease to beat. Waking
contentedly melancholic,
he paces desolate wastelands
where wind and rain
are God.

© gothicman 2017
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Hi Trevor, A very bleak and expressive poem. The voice comes through clearly. If this poem was a colour, it would be dark grey. One can feel the profound hopelessness and also the mask adopted as a coping mechanism while maintaining a base line inwardly of loss. I hope I’ve got it right. It is how it reads to me. The title (always important to me) is perfect. . ‘Each night before sleeping, he creeps along basement walls, slowly unravelling transient passages.’ Very evocative. This (to me) could be speaking about a physical act, or the delving into the lower… Read more »

Hi Goth, I was drawn to this poem by the title, I might have this totally wrong, Being born well before the war I could see some analogies. Basement walls and passages – (could be air-raid shelters) was in plenty of those.. (Deep memories, significant people) and certainly many memories!
Or should I be thinking more ink blob tests 😉
Anyway it certainly made me think…

Hi Trevor, It is very difficult for any reader to not like the poem. It connects with something which is a historic and a trans-historic reality. However, in my opinion, ‘abhors the self-deceit of divine power’ was not warranted. Whether you like it or not, your writings reveal no difference, to me at least, with an enlightened soul. It is sad how extremely intelligent people stay miles away from anything that has to do with divinity. What is divinity, can you define it to me. I can understand when you say: “I will admit, my views on established religion, which… Read more »
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