Depressingly Irrelevant!

The words ‘relevance’ and ‘relieve’
have the same Latin etymological root,
‘relevare’: ‘to make light again’

Another distant war
in a stressed world
caused petrol shortages, and
someone to siphon his tank;
felt like a personal affront, making
him more depressed than usual.
His doctor said,
“Setbacks make us all sad, but,
your disorder’s not about
irrelevant free-floating logic in
a half-cocked brain; too prevalent,
more an evasive insidious disease
permeating us like Winter flue”
“Stylised synthetic medicines help
bring relief to us all, also lots
of air travel miles to me!”
Along from the chemist,
a nicotine-fingered cellist
ridge-straddling his way through
‘Variations Diabelli’
incited someone to mumble
“If Beethoven were alive today,
he’d turn in his grave!”
He called in the Leyland garage
for a locking petrol cap.
“You’re the hundredth person
asking this week,
but, we don’t stock them;
there’s no demand!”

© gothicman 2017
critique and comments welcome.

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Well, hello there young Trevor! Long time no read, but this is of your ilk and style. Had also attempted to like a couple of your forum posts just now, but got confused by the thumbs down after clicking, so hope I didn’t blow raspberries instead. Have tried to post 2 new poems now that I’m writing again. Enjoyed this read and will be going over it with my fine tooth comb shortly.

Kat or kats, as I may have to be now. x


An amusing dissertation on depression and irrelevance. I recognise the irony in the coda, having frequently met the same response.
I enjoyed the read, Trevor.


I’m back, right… I actually find I just really like it as is. Love the style, as it’s so *you* – cheeky, clever and tongue-n-cheek with pathos – combinations I enjoy.

‘Along from the chemist,
a nicotine-fingered cellist
ridge-straddling his way through
‘Variations Diabelli’

Love the above – very skilled writing and rhyme/rhythm which links so well to the part (kind of pun) re Beethoven. :^)

The irony at the end is the perfect finish to underline the premise of the poem.

Fine work.

Kim x

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