Florence Revisited

one hot summer night!

Glancing over the mound
towards shapely curves rising,
what beauty unfolds,
from foreground to infinity!
Nose buried
in delicately scented cress bed,
scouring the sunken wadi
now undulating
in breathless exaltation;
past exquisite rotund forms,
never settling,
topped with tender aureola,
that gently rolled ‘twixt
finger and thumb,
arouse distended empathy,
help trigger the tinder box
to total satisfaction;
and those crescent-moon eyes,
obtusely gazing,
dazzled by soft touch of second kiss;
I had visited Florence before,
but, this was
getting to know her!



© gothicman 2017
critique and comments welcome.

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So lovely, every line revealing her beauty. Sue.

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