I yield myself


I yield myself to rest,
No prayers rise in my chest,
All clods the same
With variety, a name,
The ones have gone behind me,
The others awaiting for me,
The worst equals the best.

I spread my time
To multiply in my scene’s crime,
I can hide deep inside them
To ease my sympathy in them,
Declined in my chair,
I thought I loved my chair,
Then hated, when advanced the time,
I know both of us worth a dime.

Unconscious in my room enveloped
With dispersed knowledge I dropped
Among all beneath my feet,
Only silence and heart whisper and beat,
In my dust, neglected and scattered,
Wisdom, ugliness and beauty,
And characters of naivety in one unity.

© jamalbbd 2017
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Enjoyed reading this complex and rather deep poem. Even though I found it hard to understand.
In your 6th line I’m not sure about the ‘awaiting for me’ should it not be just ‘waiting for me’ ?

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