The Ballade of Armageddon

The planet ricochets to prophets’ chants

and I am forced to only half-mistrust

what Nostradamus fished from out his trance

and revelations bishops have discussed.

Does everybody think they’ve got it sussed,

shrugging with dismissive looks askance?

And worst of all, as this would be unjust,

what if the world expires before my chance?


What if someone has a tiff with France

and coats it in fluorescent sickly dust

or buries Greece without a second glance

before I’ve taken all your crap and thrust

it back up all your backsides in disgust,

before I’ve tripwired your robotic dance

so, from the floor, you sit and stare and rust?

What if the world expires before my chance?


What if humanity’s vainglorious prance

is sucked so free of substance that it just

collapses like a boil beneath a lance,

collapses in the nuclear-wintry gust,

before I’ve hacked to shreds, as hack I must,

the smug remarks, the nevers and the can’ts

you thought would push me to declaring bust?

What if the world expires before my chance?


Prince or politician, I’m not fussed,

you’re all as dead as love and Martian plants.

But I won’t lie here bleeding and concussed.

What if the world expires before my chance?





© Archie Macjoyce


© archiemac 2017
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Hi Archie, A real cry of the heart! I hear you loud and clear. The repetition works so well here, refocusing the mind on the individual ‘crying in the wilderness’ of a world teetering on the abyss. I can totally relate to the frustration of dealing with those lost in denial, who cannot seem to tune in to what are real life events! find some comfort or at times superiority from decrying your awareness and your God-given right as a young man to expect a future, where you are free to try and fail or succeed but free nevertheless. I… Read more »

I don’t believe in nuclear weapons, I don’t think they exist – carpet bombing with napalm was what took place in Japan and everybody acts accordingly after that, pretending they can make or already have such bombs, I am more “afraid” of biological warfare.( update, I cannot find the poems sorry. )


This deserved a nib (and an anth nom). Very nice with good rhythm. The only thing I’d suggest, purely for technical reasons, is to change to ‘what if we have has a tiff’as the existing what if ‘someone has a tiff’ makes it awkward to read..


I like this very much, very cleverly put together!

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