my sunday bests were ruined


my sunday bests were ruined

I was paying off the cabbie
when he looked me in the eye
I said ‘keep the change ‘
thanked him kindly said goodbye
stood in a big pot hole
that was full of mud and tar
my sunday bests were ruined
after them coming this far
so I squelched out the beat
of a walking tune
like the lame patriot
marching like Spikes goon

Well the gates of the grave yard
were open like they never shut
the grave digger pulled on his fat cigar
tipped his hat ,greeted me with a smirk
he said ‘you’ll be late, just follow the perfume,
it’s not the one on the right,
they’re all out of tune
it’s the scruffy ones you want
the ones with the wailing song
the one with the young preacher
it looks like rain so he wont be long’

So I walked through the village of the dead
they were all lying down in the ground
with all their headstones which I quickly read
the paths were straight as I kept to the left
I wondered if the dead banker was really a crook
and if the lawyer had been charged with theft
every where I looked, someones memory
like it really mattered
there was only the mourners and me

I reached my destination all covered in muck
they all turned around and tutted
just as the preacher raised his holy book
everybody close had their chord
I’d missed the pick ‘n’ mix
atleast they never handed me
chord number six
someone wailed ‘it should have been me’
everyone shivered, didn’t know what to think
I was just thinking of the cakes and tea

Now I was just there to collect a debt
from someone long gone dead
you see I’d made him laugh with what I’d said
his sister stood next to me
I said ‘make me laugh’ then I’ll be paid
she hit me hard with her umberella
called to her brothers and uncles
and cried ‘you’re royrodel, that wierd fella’
just then the skies opened, pouring down rain
all his family members
were on the same gravy train

Well I hitched a lift with auntie Jane
I had to sit between her and old Joe
no one had told me they were terminally insane
everyone took it for granted
that they would behave
Jane was drinking Joes after shave
I wondered why everyone was laughing
as they stood and waved
I asked the chauffer’how far as the crow flies’
he answered softly’ I make money when people up and die’

I seen the neon light of the golf club
Jane was undressing, Joe was talking cartoon
the chauffer said ‘ my God I’ve had enough’
I was just glad that they were crazy
and all the fools were in other cars
looking for a reason for their treason
from the rain hating vicar
with their family disputes
just to make them popular


© royrodel 2017
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I really liked this, don’t think I’ve read you before. I could lose a few words, but so what, that’s just me. Please accept my nomination.


Nice work, full of good ideas. Would be ideal as a performance piece.


Good one Rodel. You gave me a laugh.

‘Well I hitched a lift with auntie Jane
I had to sit between her and old Joe
no one had told me they were terminally insane’

Ah! I see now…lol

Alison x 😉

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