And God Smiled Back

I’m with the protagonist on this one. If anyone was to offer me
any piece of creative writing with a religious message intended
to improve my moral thinking, it would be akin to someone
offering me a cigarette to improve my physical health!


That simple man
does feel, you know,
         with sympathy, and
Acknowledging only
one intelligence, adaptation,
he emerged from poverty
to face a predictable
with devout humility,
assuming others wiser,
accepting failure and hardship
his prescribed fate,
he became invincible;
but, not knowing how
to help those struggling to
find happiness in wealth,
in prayer, achieved
And the pain you ask,
where did the pain go?
         The pain,
         is in his smile.
A tramp not given job as grave-digger
as he was a non-believer; from a newspaper article

© gothicman 2017
critique and comments welcome.

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Late to the feast, and feast it is. One of your best, you are a thinking man’s poet. Clearly I don’t always get everything….not so with this one. Please accept my nomination Trevor. Wishing the best of the season.

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