Not Tonight, Josephine

In reply to a comment by Nemo on my poem ‘Cause and Consequence’


One may have thought that it was Josephine

who had resorted to the ‘headache’ excuse

but it was Bonaparte, on the eve of a battle,

who felt it incumbent on him to refuse.


“Not tonight, Josephine”, was what he said,

I have got a skirmish with that English chap

tomorrow morning at the onset of dawn

and it’s important that I consult a war map.


She suspected that what was on his mind

was neither Wellington nor a battle chart

but thoughts of a tryst with Marie Louise,

Duchess of Parma (but with certainty a tart).


“This warmongering caper does my head in”,

she complained, “and you may well scoff.

Don’t be surprised if I find other partners

who would never dream of fobbing me off.”


© Luigi Pagano  2016


© ionicus 2017
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Ha! Very good! I’m pleased I sparked this one off, Luigi.


Great fun Luigi…… seem it wasn’t just his hand he kept tucked away 🙂

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