A Life’s Story

A ray of hope.


The story is about,
says the book’s blurb,
a stressful life
in an English suburb.

The events described
are heart-rending;
it’s hard to envisage
a happy ending.

The tale told at length
in a large tome
is reminiscent
of ‘Cathy come home’.

It tells of people
sleeping on pavements,
or else sheltering
in shoddy tenements.

Recounts the level
to which men sank,
starving and relying
on a food bank.

But not all is lost
and there is yet hope
that they’ll survive
and finally cope.

Though it reveals
a tough existence
the book emphasises
their proud resilience.

They don’t succumb
to gloom and doom,
they know life’s a cycle
of bust and boom.

© Luigi Pagano 2016


© ionicus 2017
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Bust and more bust, I’m waiting for the boom. Nice poem.


A look at lifes bleak options Luigi, yet you offer hope through it all. Sometimes hope is all we have to cling to.


Yes, it’s funny Luigi, that most people like a happy ending, where the bad get their deserts, the underdog wins the day, the suffering is shown to be all worthwhile etc. I don’t like endings to books, films, etc. that just leave things unresolved, or without success, revenge, or deserved comeuppances, just anti-climaxes, or “see my next book, to know what happened”! I wonder what types of endings are recommended, advised on, on formal writing courses? Anyway your book seems to leave the reader with “a ray of hope”. Short and neat rhyme.


Neatly composed social theme, Luigi. Where there’s life there’s hope in this (as you say) boom and bust society.

This hits home, Luigi. I was a mental health social worker, and many of the people i worked with wound up homeless and shuffling from institution to homeless shelter, to streets. I had to try to help them no matter where I found them. Get them through ER ‘inquisitions’ and court hearings. Find them something to eat, and shoes to wear. Setting them up and taking them for appointments with doctors in the health and mental fields was the least of it. So, a telling write that matters. I really like the hopeful slant. That, of course, is what we… Read more »
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