Youth, London

Youth’s a time when magic bounces

through the heart, a heart that trounces

all things monochrome.

Life bubbles like foam

and you roam in flounces.


Youth’s a time to gaze in wonder,

youth’s a time to trip and blunder

through daft episodes,

daydreaming in codes

of exploding thunder.


Yet, at school and college, I heard

nothing sweeter than “Kate’s my bird,

these trainers are Nike,

Dave’s got a shit bike,

he’s just, like, a fat turd.”


Is this dead chaff all humankind

can offer me? When will I find

a heart that thumps fast

and carries me past

the bomb-blast in my mind?





© Archie Macjoyce


© archiemac 2017
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You are fast becoming one of my favourite poets. Another lovely write here dude.


A good one, Archie. You have described youth to a T.


I like this and a nice strong punchy ending…Leila

God, don’t I hear you! I could write a book about how painful it can be but even more so now, when pornography has blighted so many lives (as I knew it would) by blunting the emotions of boys and encouraging girls to act like whores. Sorry, getting off the subject a bit but I think we sing from the same hymn book in our detestation of the shallowness everywhere. Some can take it, some feel as though they are in an alternative reality! Don’t lose focus Archie. Those who love the beauty in your soul will see that and… Read more »
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