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Here I will explain the annotation feature we offer on UKA.

Hypothes.is is (do I need that extra ‘is’?):

an open platform for discussion on the web. It leverages annotation to enable sentence-level critique or note-taking on top of news, blogs, scientific articles, books, terms of service, ballot initiatives, legislation and more.Hypothesis.is Website

Hypothes.is is a 3rd party application which we have ‘plugged in’ to UKA so that users of the site can highlight and annotate the text of member’s submissions in real time.

Hypothesis.isUKA is a writers’ website committed to helping members improve their writing. The best form of improvement is to receive feedback on what you produce from peers and your audience. We want UKA to be your online editor or agent; reading what you write and telling you what’s bad as well as what’s good.

Most online writing communities offer the facility to comment on a piece of writing below the submission, as we do here. It’s valuable and welcome feedback on what the read thought of your writing. But what about particular parts of the writing, what about that paragraph that didn’t really read well, or that phrase that didn’t seem to fit? Conversely, what about that sentence that fizzed and should be highlighted for all to marvel at? You can, of course, mention all this in your ‘below submission’ comment but a better way would be to highlight the text and slot in a critique/praise that can be seen and discussed by other members of the reading community.

Hypothesis.si Pop Out

Hypothesis.si Pop Out

Hypothes.is is (again is that ‘is’ extraneous?) NOT a business or profit based service so there is no worry about signing up and being bludgeoned with spam or ‘special offers’. Once you create an account (required in order to participate) you will get a single email from them with an activation code. After that, you’ll never hear from them.

Once you have an account and are logged in, you can add your annotations to any of our member’s submissions.

You can use your hypothesis.is account to annotate publically (default) and/or you can join a group so that your annotations are only seen and shared by members of that particular group.

Here’s a short Youtube video explaining a few things:

Using the group will keep your annotations private to this site’s members but the real benefit of annotating publically is that the annotations, and the author’s writing, can be seen and shared across the internet, which helps more people find our writing and increasing our reading audience. No bad thing!

Using UKA’s hypothesis.is facility is obviously optional. You can take it or leave it but we hope that many members will see the potential of community-based annotated critiques as a way to aid others, as well as themselves, in that never-ending journey toward writing perfection!


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