In this post, I want to explain why we’ve decided on such a drastic and radical overhaul of

UKAuthors (UKA) is an old girl! She was born in 2001 which makes her 105 in dog years. By WWW standards, this is good going. Not many websites enjoy such longevity. But longevity equates with age and age, as we all know, dulls health. Things start to creak, seize-up, droop and sometimes fall off altogether!

Story number one

UKA has been suffering this way for a few years now. We’ve tried to repair and patch up as things degrade but like using a few rolls of anaglypta to paper over the colosseum, it simply disguises the relic that lurks beneath.

Also, the advent of smartphones and tables, web 3.0 and AJAX means that UKA, as it is, doesn’t fit in, nor indeed, work with these technologies. UKA has not moved with the times.

But we’re not giving up. It’s not yet time for UKA  to join the growing list of expired writers’ sites (thoughtcafe, themestream, writtenbyme authonomy etc.). We know we can’t compete with wattpad or smashwords but we can still trot alongside them and provide a smaller, friendlier and closer community of writers. But to do that we need to get with it!

UKA has 5,600 registered users and almost 26,000 submissions. Obviously, only a tiny percentage of those 5,600 members are active but we were popular in our day, and we believe there’s life in the old dog yet (that dog years analogy above worked well here didn’t it?)

So we are revamping UKA. We are retiring the old engine that UKA was built upon (it really is an Allegro!). We also believe that the time has come to think about changing names to acknowledge and reflect a modern & global community of writers and not just those who are ‘UK’ based.

We hope our small but loyal group of members will stick with us as we transition. And we look forward to reacquainting with many of our ‘sleeping‘ members while at the same time welcoming and reading the many new members who will journey with us into the NEXT 15 years! 




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I was asleep, but now I’m awake. The upgrade and modernisation, I feel, is a good thing. Evolution is unavoidable and to have lasted 15 years already is amazing, this upgrade should be the shot in the arm the site needs and deserves.


As part of my reawakening I’ve already permanently deleted my facebook account and frozen my blog. Hopefully, soon, I’ll be all yours UKA! 🙂

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