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A Plea To Sanity In Exile

Come back, all is forgiven! Your design needs further amendments! ...

Planet of the Bed Bugs

Intro: What if insects that feed on humans couldn't be killed? Egg     “Screw you, Epstein!” Sidney Kitay, M.P.H., yelled ...

Skulduggery (Part 2)

continuing the story of Jack Belthorn in Belfast 1976 ...

The Kiss

He was young, inexperienced and he wanted to be urbane like his Dad and then, this girl teaches him how ...

Scarlett in Paris

She's a small town girl who saves up for a holiday in Paris on her 35th birthday. Romance has passed ...

The Actress

She's the professional in a community theatre in Tel Aviv but is her talent worth her behaviour? An Amusement ...
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Polly Purdo. (Faction)

(One of the hardest things for Polly was that she was about to be married - She was not allowed to ...

All Day Breakfast

Another one written in response to a prompt from my face-to-face creative writing group. The task was to write a ...

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Not everyone can have relationships without getting hurt and violated beyond recognition. There are some who simply are too sensitive ...
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The unknown poet

on the poet's social position in society - almost a treatise He composes seriously and has something to say, masters ...
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The Mind-Snatcher

lurking in the links of human thinking; about Alzheimer’s ...
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What do you have left when everything is taken from you, when you are raped and violated beyond recognition, when ...
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It will not wither It's not a newspaper Like a novel it's to stay Not disappear in yesterday.   It ...
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The Genesis of Universal Madness

When primitive Man left the way, the light, and the truth, and invented religion to help mitigate the fear of ...
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Meet the Press

Hitting the jackpot ...
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A Whole New World

More of my early travels (for those who are interested) ...
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The Illusion Of Preserving Time

or the cuckoos have landed! A tongue-in-cheek report on my mental state ...
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The Terrorist

From Two Years Ago...nothings changed ...
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For Chloe

A Bookend to Millie ...
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Professor Plum’s Humble Advice

as a behavioural scientist, not as a politician. I just wanted this writing out there again.   All schools should ...
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World’s Best Story (Novel) Competition

World's Best Story contest is open and they are taking submissions. Submit your story for a chance to win a ...
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Voices from the Web 2016

Voices from the Web Anthology 2016 Kindle Edition NOW AVAILABLE!

Voices from the Web Anthology 2016 Kindle Edition NOW AVAILABLE! These stories and poems have been selected by members of ...
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Help CrowdFund UKA’s Development

We want to fund a better UKAuthors! UKA has been online for 16 years and now we want to move ...
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Thusly by Andrea Lowne

Ms Lowne's second collection of poetry is as unconventional as the first. No sestinas, haiku or sonnets here, but a ...
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