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Pins and Needles

Someone told me to try writing a story as if I were a woman.This is my attempt, Still stubbornly full ...

Zeezee Cop

a novel opening ...
/ Fiction, humour / 2 Comments on Zeezee Cop / 2642 words / NEW! /

Another Police Killing

This piece was inspired by a newspaper headline ...

A Black Triangular Drama

dark and platonic, but promising; a three-pointer written with conventional audacity! ...

Old Gits in their cups

This is an experimental piece ...

Sweet Dreams

A dream can seem so real :) ...


All my stories lately seem to begin as prompts chosen by my face-to-face creative writing group. The prompt this time was ...
/ Fiction / 5 Comments on Tryst / 1414 words / / UKA PICK!

The Snob – chapter 2

continuing the story of the vendetta between a spirited young woman and an arrogant overprivileged youth ...

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The hippie trail

tracing the past forever... When the hippies started moving in the 60s, revolutionizing all the world with love and beauty, ...
/ / 3 Comments on The hippie trail / 256 words / NEW! /


Intro: an old one ...
/ / 5 Comments on Picnic / 175 words / NEW! / UKA PICK!


A rhythmic poem, tres dramatique!  ...
/ / 4 Comments on Epic / 235 words / NEW! /

The Stifling Past

gradually took away all that was unique and brave in her; experimental, doodling with word and form ...
/ / 4 Comments on The Stifling Past / 213 words / NEW! / UKA PICK!

Bullshitting trumps and bushes

Written during a bushy regime we never thought could get worse... Forget about those bossy bully states of bushisms spewing ...
/ / No Comments on Bullshitting trumps and bushes / 164 words / NEW! /


An old one from the archive, posted in response to the "Sod it Sonnet" ...
/ / 6 Comments on Hope / 164 words / NEW! / UKA PICK!

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